Presently there are a number of big name collaborations in electronic music that tend to create whirlwind of excitement whenever a new release is leaked to the masses. From Joy O & Boddika , Dark Sky & Breach to perhaps the biggest of them all Justin Martin & Eats Everything. Following up their thunderous Hypercolour EP, ‘Feather Fight‘, the notorious twosome have again crafted a bass heavy, stomach churning master piece that has roof lifting capabilities. This record is distinctly Justin Martin and Eats Everything as they effortlessly combine deep smooth melodic undertones with a wub wub that only they know how.

Its clear that when these two combine they bring out the best in each other, which is hugely welcome in a House scene that has occasionally teetered on the edge of mediocrity in recent times. This is not to say that this will become a stone-cold classic that is remembered for all time, but it is a welcome addition to any DJ who likes to keep the floor bouncing.


The Gettup is due to hit the shelves in early June and will be out on Dirtybird