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Djrum – Seven Lies (2nd Drop Records) Out Today

Djrum is commonly lumped into the ‘Burial‘ imitator type category, and while he does like to dabble in large sweeping undefined brush strokes of sound, complete with crackly undertones, to say he is nothing more than an imitator would be gross misconduct to his music. Having pre-dominately released on the pioneering 2nd Drop Records Djrum has developed a somewhat unsung hero status as his records have largely slipped beneath the industry radar, however we believe his debut LP ‘Seven Lies’ needs to and should change this general unawareness and appreciation.

Seven Lies is a beguiling mix of ideas that despite all its intricacies and many layers manages to maintain its course and not meander into undefined electronic obscurity. Too often we feel electronic artists that operate in this field get themselves lost in an overwhelming wealth of ideas that blur their vision, resulting in songs that just become a collection of sounds as apposed to coherent compositions. Every track on Seven Lies deserves your attention as Djrum effortlessly brings together emotion, depth and an energy that should see tracks such as Obsession, Dam and Thank you cropping up in the discerning DJ set, we for one will be dropping a number of these records.

Seven Lies is out today (April 22nd) and we urge you to grab yourself a copy. Highly recommended listening.

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