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Dismantle – The Warp EP (Digital Soundboy)

Dismantle, a 19 year old producer from Brighton, UK first came to our attention via Riskotheque’s WeAreBTN mix, which featured his ‘Get On It’ track from his self titled Dismantle EP. Since then he has released on Black Gold Records, signed to Shy FX’s Digital Soundboy imprint and gathered fans from various quarters. Most notably Skream, Benga and Annie Mac have been hammering his records and getting him on the phone for chats and exclusive mixes.

Listening to his music its not difficult to see why such heavy weights would be backing his tunes as the Dismantle sound is big, brash and bouncing, perfect for peak time radio shows and DJ sets. However to leave our anaylsis at that would be an injustice to what is undoubtedly a precocious talent. While his tracks are big they are not the usual dubstep meets bass combination, which has got a little tired of late, rather Dismantle has crafted his own unique sound drawing additional influence from garage and dutch house, imagine an urban inner city on the white isle if you will…

Dismantle – The Warp EP drops July 15th on Digital Soundboy.

We’d also recommend checking his recent Annie Mac Mini-mix, 6mins 64 tracks….

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