Disclosure pip Daft Punk to 2013 electronic supremacy? Probably not when you consider the stats, but the mere fact that its a conceivable consideration underlines what a powerful impact Disclosure have had this year. With the Mercury Prize being announced this Wednesday, Disclosure could still yet have the final say, at least in the UK, with their album ‘Settle’ among the 10 nominees. For an act whose unerring combination of pop and beats could actually win them the prize, its interesting that the first track post the ‘Settle’ era is a club focused anthem. Gone are the melodic vocal collaborations and skippy garage undertones, in place we find a progressive tech house number, complete with epic breakdown, echoing vocal snippets and industrial stabs. Apollo is unlikely to break into the charts like Latch, White Noise etc, but thats not the point, this is head down clubbing, which if you have managed to catch the boys DJing is also very much a part of their musical passions.