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Dirtybird 50 EP | New Music

Dirtybird was launched in 2004 and between then and now has risen to become one of the most respected and consistent Dance Labels in clubland. Although technically speaking there have been more than 50 releases when you take into account secret releases and remix EP’s, this is still a landmark moment and one that should be saluted by anyone who has a genuine love for dance music and its abiding and evolving existence. This release is another solid highlight in Dirtybirds history and if you like your tech-house rolling, full of percussion and groove then this is essential listening. Personal favourite is B-Ju’s Babbel Net.

Dirtybird 50 EP – Buy Now

B-Ju – Babbel Net (Dirtybird 50) – 96kbps Stream

Dirtybird 50 Promo Mix – By Maelstrom

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