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Digitalism – 2 Hearts

Its looking like 2011 is the year that 06/07 is resurrected with Justice, SebastiAn and now Digitalism all announcing well over due LP’s, LP’s that are no doubt leaving both fans and critics unsure what to expect.

Digitalism will release their second album ‘I love You Dude’ on June 20th preceded by the single 2 Hearts (June 12th). 2 Hearts is a decent enough indie-dance track that blends soaring synths with a solid vocal. However I must confess I was a little disappointed as it sounds like they have taken the superb Pogo from ‘Idealism’ attempted to recreate that moment and fallen slightly short. That said I enjoyed their returning EP Blitz, and therefore like many others I am hoping the likes of Digitalism, and friends can all deliver in 2011.

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