The old adage “doesn’t time fly when your having fun” most certainly apply’s here as Will Saul’s ‘Aus Music‘ breathlessly reaches its 50th release this month. There are not many electronic labels out there that consistently hold your attention release after release, however there are the exceptional few such as Dirtybird, Hotflush Recordings, Swamp81 to name a few in our field of expertise that do, and Aus Music is most certainly another of said labels. Initially Aus Music set out to explore the more experimental side of House music, and for us it wasnt until around 2010 that we really started to notice their output as the Bass sound started to take hold of the UK. 2010 saw early releases from the likes of Midland, Ramadanman aka Pearson Sound, SCB aka Scuba and Joy Orbison. Its probably fair to say that since then Aus has become more House, with less of a focus on the experimental with cleaner cuts coming from Bicep, George Fitzgerald, Dusky and now Deetron. However despite this slightly more polished approach to their output you only have to read back the names we’ve just dropped, to know that Aus has consistently been at the forefront of breaking new talent, and therefore deserves considerable fanfare for their 50th Record.


Deetron – Count On Me, is most certainly at the cleaner end of the Aus Music spectrum with a characteristic kick, hi-hat, clap combination, underpinning a smooth yet forceful bass hook led house track. As the track evolves and moves towards its conclusion Deetron draws things back slightly, giving ‘Count On Me’ a more wistful presence as a languid French House type riff takes the fore, whilst distant voices swirl and punch into view before rapidly disappearing into the aether. Overall Deetron’s offering is a worthy addition to Aus Music’s growing legacy as it fittingly kicks of celebrations with thoughtful dancefloor magnetism.

Deetron – Count On Me (Aus Music 50th Release) Released August 26th preview here