Daniel Avery caps off a stella 2012 with the much coveted opportunity of recording a Fabric Live mix. Mr Avery has always had the skills to provide a rousing Fabric mix, however being a master selector is not enough these days and in the last 12 months Daniel Avery has further established himself with a number of beguiling 12’s. In particular ‘Light Into Dark‘, ‘Movement‘ and ‘Need Electric‘ have been staples in our record box with their hypnotic analogue swirls and incisive beats.

Fabric Live 66 - Daniel Avery

Not one for following trends Daniel Avery formerly Stopmakingme draws influence from all facets of music, siting his Dad’s record collection as playing a key role in his formative years. Avery’s array of influences like his sets can be straight down the line, off the wall and even down right psychedelic, however despite this insatiable appetite to do things his way, he has always kept one eye on the dancefloor. Yes he might not play the latest ‘Bass Banger’ but his carefully selected batch of records are invariably a totally immersive and dynamic experience that keep the listener both engaged and dancing, all of which has been captured and packaged in Farbic Live 66. Highly recommended.

Daniel Avery – Fabric Live 66 (Buy Here)