I remember when the hype was building for the ‘Discovery’ album and the internet was awash with fake Daft Punk sounding tracks, and unsurprisingly the hype around the TRON release has been no different with many a false dawn over the last few months. There is no denying that Daft Punk are the master builders of hype and fevered anticipation, but I for one have got a little tired of this overly drawn out saga and upon listening to the most recent official clip (admittedly its only 20 seconds long) ‘Derezzed’ I am know a little concerned as to what to expect from the final soundtrack. Hopefully they can deliver on the hype with a seminal moment in movie soundtracks. The wait continues……

Daft Punk - Legacy (Tron)

Having said everything above Im sure the free glow in the dark poster that comes with the pre-order of the album is bound to seal the deal for many a Daft Punk fan (see above).

Daft Punk – Derezzed