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College – Un Long Sommeil / Départ from forthcoming Heritage LP

Why are bands these days so obsessed with loading their stage with every synth imaginable to then only play a simplistic chord or fire off some annoyingly obvious moody patch, whilst looking slightly apprehensive about touching anything else. A particular frustration is when a band pretends to be old skool by throwing in a traditional AKAI MPC into their setup and then proceeding to pretty much ignore it apart from launching the odd sample. In our purest world bands should just be Bass, Lead Guitar, Drums, Singer and maybe a keyboard, leaving the synths to those who know how to use them. Enter David Grellier aka College, the synth pop project that gave us the majestic and heartfelt ‘Drive’ title closer, ‘A Real Hero‘. Here’s a man who knows his way around a synth, rich melodic and hugely satisfying, more please.

College – Heritage (Invada) Drops August 26th

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