Where Muse slipped up Chemical Brothers deliver. Last week it was revealed that Muse’s track Survival was to be the official track for the London Olympics 2012, getting airplay during the opening ceremony and as the theme for all international TV coverage, however despite a crunching guitar riff and a well produced accompanying video the track is marred by contrived lyrics about surviving and winning. Thankfully The Chemical Brothers have simply got in the studio and done what they do best and written a pulsating electronic track, resplendent with soaring strings, contorting energy and an ominous robotic vocal, you can already picture the BBC montage of racing footage. Admittedly writing a track for the Velodrome is a little less fraught with difficulty but the results could have still been disappointing, thankfully they are not, and therefore we think the Chemical Brothers have pipped Muse to the ‘Official Olympics Song’ finish line, make up your own mind below…..

New Music: The Chemical Brothers - Theme For Velodrome

The Chemical Brothers – Theme For Velodrome – Released July 30th