Acid House the sound that single handly ignited the club scene the world over. The Acid sound as it is now universally dubbed was the result of Chicago based DJ ‘DJ Pierre’ getting his hands on a Roland TB-303 in the mid 1980’s and indulging in some bedroom knob tweaking. By 1986 he had released his first single titled Acid Tracks and the rest is History.

Fast Forward 24 years and Boys Noize has taken it upon himself to bring Acid into the present day for a whole new generation of listeners. Enlisting the help of some fellow producers he has compiled 13 fresh Acid tracks for his ‘Super Acid’ compilation.

Boys Noize

BOYSNOIZE presents SUPER ACID – Out 31st Jan 2011


01. Boys Noize “1010″
02. Jan Driver “Army Of Mowers”
03. Joakim & Krikor “Azid”
04. Housemeister & Dave Tarrida “Bleep”
05. H.D.B.N. “Extreme Compote”
06. Siriusmo “I Like My Voice”
07. Erol Alkan & Boys Noize “Death Suite” (Erol Alkan Edit)
08. Shadow Dancer “Silver”
09. Strip Steve “The Beast”
10. Feadz “11% Acid”
11. Benny Rodrigues “LSD”
12. Djedjotronic “Uranus”
13. Toni Planet – Azidwar (Digital Bonus Track)