By Boddika standards 2013 has been a relatively quiet year in terms of releases, unlike 2012 we have only really had one new tune ‘Beats Me’ which came via his ‘Think & Change‘ LP, and although fresh, the LP’s VIP edits of his Joy Orbison collaborations Mercy & Fate were still far superior. But as the last few years have shown and for those who know Boddika from his former Instra:Mental days will know that this is not something worth worrying about. Steam is due to drop on the all conquering Swamp 81, a label that most certainly explores the underground and has an affinity for bass, however unlike some labels operating in this field it never seems to loose itself in a haze of chin stroking self importance, you can guarantee with a Swamp 81 release that when spun the floor will react. Steam lives up to this double billing as Boddika delivers Swamp 81, all be it almost 12 months after first appearing on YouTube, with a sufficiently gritty yet not overly dark slice of industrial UK bass fed techno. Recommended.


Boddika – Steam (Swamp 81) Preview