BNR TRAX is the new sub label for Boys Noize Records. The idea behind the new platform is to release everything digitally only and simply allow Boys Noize to release more experimental music at a higher volume, as he described in a recent interview “BNR TRAX follows a total different idea. Everything goes so fast and all DJs need a new banger every week to stand out from the others. BNR TRAX will bring you those tools without the long waiting time”. While an interesting idea to try and save us all from repeated banger overload, one cant help but feel that increasing the production line will only reduce the quality of the output in an already overly saturated and diluted market. However Boys Noize is a trusted source and his first EP from Rex Club legend ‘Electric Rescue’ allays any fears of quantity over quality with a strong Techno led EP. All three tracks eb and flow through a swath of distorted electro, white noise, beeps, and vocal snippets all backed by a rolling techno beat.

Next up are one half of Shadow Dancer and Para One.

BNR TRAX 01 Electric Rescue – Ambivalent – Out Now on Beatport