Sliding past the queue of short skirts, chinos and the odd dinosaur costume, Brighton’s loudest establishment under the arches was so rammed, buzzing and lively it could have knocked the old pier off its last legs for good…


The BlahBlahBlah DJs reigned tall over the moistening crowd. After the recent creation of their own record label, these champion events organisers and musical kings never allow an ounce of disappointment… Knocking out dance riddled electro beats, the BlahBlahBlah crew have the ability to make the Brighton kids shuffle so hard in their luminous high-tops, they could polish the concrete floors…
With a variety of colossal Funktion 1 sound systems blasting at you from every angle; it is pretty much impossible to avoid juggling your joints like a loony and pump your shoulders like a lemon.

The highly anticipated set from Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (to avoid some tongue twisting you may wish to refer to as T.E.E.D) was not to disatisfy. Hogging the entire stage, Orlando Higginbottom embellished eyes a plenty with yet another outrageous arrangement of feathery headgear.

With feathers flying from his head and a gaudy patterned suit, as per usual, Orlando was looking utterly bodacious…

The now common (and relatively new addition to the set) appearance of the T.E.E.D dancers was too much delight and satisfaction of all onlookers. Voluptuous ladies with long black dinosaur tails and luminous pink wigs swiped their bottoms across the faces of flushed teenage boys and flaunted their assets to an over excitable crowd.

Reeling out classics such as ‘Garden’, latest free download ‘Dream On’ and ‘Tapes and Money’ from his long anticipated EP, the bolshie crowd didn’t hold back; reminiscent of a sweat dripping mosh pit, the pushing and shoving not only made it impossible to get a photo that wasn’t blurry, it was actually quite exhilarating.

Clonking around the shadowy venue, checking out the overhead bars, nooks and chilled out crannies, instant pleasure struck when we realized we could overlook Joe Goddard and Raf Rundell (more commonly referred to as The 2 Bears) work their magic whilst lying horizontally on a comfy black faux-leather sofa. The haunting tones of ‘Gabrielle’ echoed through the arches as many began to elevate their arms and sing along to one of the most prestigious dance tracks of summer 2011. Also surging out the likes of ‘Bear Hug’ and ‘Work’ these tracks were of course instantaneous crowd pleasers.

An intelligent set full of perks that saw the 4:00am mark come around all too quickly. One part of Magnetic ManBenga was also to display his smiley face amongst the crowd. TVS managed to collar him for a romantic bear hug and swift chat in which he told us how he couldn’t contain his excitement about playing at Brighton’s Audio next Friday…

“I love Brighton and the Brighton people are wicked, it’s always a good show”

Well there’s a compliment if we ever heard one… Yet another astounding weekend endured by team TVS… So, until the next one!

BlahBlahBlah, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs & The 2 Bears
Digital, Brighton Saturday 18th February 2012
Words by Thea Wise ‘The Vintage Scribbler’
Photo by Nima Cyrus Elm