Blacksmif aka Londonʼs kaleidoscopic Yemi Olagbaiye stepped from the shadows in 2012 with his enthralling original 12″ ʻHoop Dreams / Microweightʼ, gathering heavyweight support along the way from, Laurent Garnier, Ben Westbeech aka Breach, South London Ordnance, Mary Anne Hobbs and Audiojack to name a few. Not to mention an increasingly busy calendar, which notably included performances at Glade, and Dimensions.

Blacksmif - How The Fly Saved The River / Kang's Odyssey

Artist – Blacksmif
Title – How The Fly Saved The River / Kang’s Odyssey / How The Fly Saved The River (Lorca Remix)
Label – Blah Blah Blah Records
Release – 28th Jan 2013

Returning for his second release on the grass roots inspired ‘Blah Blah Blah Records‘, Blacksmif delivers his biggest release to date with two tracks of simmering beauty and dance floor elegance. Lorca completes the package with his characteristically smooth, and essential, dynamism.

Opening Track ʻ How The Fly Saved The Riverʼ shuffles into existence with a determined percussive energy that is punctuated by luxuriously smooth flecks of melody, all of which lure you towards the richly soulful main vocal and exhilarating breakdown. ʻKangʼs Odysseyʼ is a much more sensual affair, with its warm languid melody casually strolling towards a wistfully entwined vocal duet.

With already strong support from a number of leading peers, this record is set to further enhance Blacksmifʼs rapidly growing reputation.