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Bicep – Satisfy EP (Feel My Bicep) Preview

With Bicep its so tempting to flex our linguistic muscles and pump our articles full of gym related metaphors, however its a little hackneyed and therefore we have decided to put down the protein shake and keep things simple. The Satisfy EP is the second release on Bicep’s own label ‘Feel My Bicep’ following the 2012 smash ‘Vision Of Love‘, and like its predecessor its finely sculpted 80’s/90’s sampling house.

To help visualise the EP, the duo have put together a little video of complimentary imagery. ‘Satisfy’ is backed by the classic 80’s movie sentiment of rage to riches and winning the girl, while ‘Snackbar’ gets a trippy rave visual workout and EP closer ‘The Final Trip’ draws on its late 80’s US house vibe to give us civil un-rest and urban decay. All in all this is Bicep’s most varied work to date and whilst it does not represent a drastic shift in their signature groove led sound, it does give a more rounded picture of their musical influences and what to expect from them when DJing. Bicep – Satisfy EP is available to (pre-order) now.

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