Bicep are on the flex again, this time with a double remix of Aster’s – Cielo, apparently this remix has been in the pipeline for over a year, which in marketing terms works well for Aster, as in the last year Bicep have gone from crate digging bloggers, occasional DJs, to crate digging international DJs, culminating in closing the Space Terrace only last weekend. Bicep offer up two remixes both of which inject their characteristic retro looking flair, in this instance we get an 80/90’s house hybrid. When we say 80’s we dont mean Chicago House but more 80’s movie soundtracks, in particular remix II, which is our pick, sounds as though a 90’s Moby and an 80’s Patti LaBelle hit the studio together after spending a relaxing afternoon sipping cocktails on Miami beach. Remix I is essentially a roided up version of remix II, with Moby & Patti now careering down the Miami Beach sidewalk on a set of dayglow roller skates.

Bicep - Aster (Remixes)

Aster – Cielo (Bicep Remixes I&II) Vinyl 9th Sept / Digital 23rd Sept – Remix 2 (stream via YouTube)