Basement Jaxx our one of the UK’s biggest electronic exports producing a number of Club Anthems over the years, such as ‘Red Alert’, ‘Where’s Your Head At’, ‘Do Your Thing’, ‘Good Luck’ amongst others. However recent albums ‘Crazy Itch Radio’ and ‘Scars’ have not quite had the same impact as the previous albums, but dont let that fool you that the Brixton duo are no longer relevant. Their recent Essential Mix showed they still have their ear on the Dance Floor plus it show cased their new single ‘Dracula‘. Dracula is Basement Jaxx gone dark and is an exciting development in their musical journey. Having said this I think the first half of the track works better than the second and therefore I hope to hear some fresh edits and remixes in the coming weeks.

Basement Jaxx - Dracula

Basement Jaxx – Dracula (Out Now)

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