You may remember towards the back end of 2015 that Roland launched their ‘Boutique Range‘ with the iconic Jupiter-8, Juno-106 and JX-3P all getting a present day refit. Well since then, according to FACT Mag, Reddit, and various other fan-boy sites it has been rumoured that the legendary and highly sought after 808 & 909 could potentially be joining the range. Yet despite the persistent and unrelenting conjecture, to this day those rumours have been, well, just that, rumours…until perhaps now!


Earlier this week Roland announced that on September 9th they would be holding a special ‘909 Celebration Event‘. Accompanying this announcement was the following statement, and perhaps the strongest hint yet that the 909 may soon be back in production, 33 years after its monumental introduction…

Join us on September 9 at a global live-streaming event, as we celebrate 33 years of the “909” with the release of new and inspiring electronic instruments.

Anyone else a little excited? If not, you’re probably on the wrong website…nerds masquerading as cool DJs only please.

Thanks to [FACT mag] for the heads up