Fabric has formally announced that Islington Council has reinstated its licence. As you’re no doubt aware Fabric’s licence was revoked a couple of months ago in the wake of two drug related deaths. Since that ruling Fabric and its supporters have emphatically demonstrated its value and cultural significance as a key UK new music venue. Gathering together 135,000 plus signatures, raising over £300,000 in donations to cover legal fees and releasing a 111 track compilation of exclusive new music from a variety of significant electronic musicians. Combined these efforts and the support from other prominent figures such as the Major of London – Sadiq Kahn, have ensured that another generation of DJs and producers will have the opportunity to play its hallowed halls.

Fabric Nightclub Saved

However, as you’d expect such a turnaround in fortunes does not come free of charge, with Fabric and Islington Council agreeing a number of far-reaching anti-drug and security requirements. These include increased CCTV, life time bans if found in possession of drugs on the premises, an ID entry system and no entry to anyone under the age of 19. To some this may seem draconian and 1984 in terms of state level control, but lets also remember that whilst saving Fabric is culturally important, two teenage boys also died. Two young lives prematurely snuffed out, a tragedy that no guidelines or recommendations can reverse.

So Fabric has been saved, a significant victory for UK music culture. We just hope that in celebrating their good news that Fabric remember, and perhaps even consider honouring the loss of the two boys lives. After all these two individuals are no different from the other 135,000 patrons who signed the petition to #savefabric.

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