Fabric 99: Sasha – But who should get the 100th and final mix?

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May 15th

by | May 15, 2018 | All Music News, Latest

“Fabric 99: Sasha arrived in the mail today, along with a press release that stated his mix marks the penultimate issue of the fabric hundred. Resident Advisor also reported that both Fabric and Fabric Live will stop at 100. So who will get the final mix?”…

Fabric 99: Sasha‘ is the penultimate mix of the Fabric hundred. And as Resident Advisor reported today it’s understood that both the iconic fabric series will stop at 100. So the question is: Who should get the nod for the final mixes and who do you think will get the nod? Potentially very different answers…

Should the 100th mix go to a progressive rising talent or should the Fabric hundred be closed out by an industry legend?

Well their long standing resident Craig Richards mixed Fabric 01 and therefore asking him to mix the 100th would seem somewhat fitting, if not a little safe. Especially as he also mixed 15 and 58. So we’re thinking not Craig. What about Carl Cox, he’s yet to record a Fabric mix, Carl Craig’s sole mix was in 2005, and Bicep are yet to be invited to the party. Perhaps an outside bet would be Daft Punk or the Chemical Brothers, unlikely. Deadmau5 – no chance. What about something fresh like Flume to close out the Fabric Live series. We’d like to see Soulwax or 2ManyDJs get behind the decks, especially considering their barnstorming 2017 Essential Mix.

Other names to throw in the hat – Floating Points, Richie Hawtin, Ricardo Villalobos (Previous mix 2007), Dixon, Todd Terje, Sven Vath…the possibilities are endless… So who should it be? Lets us know your thoughts in the comment section below or tweet us @BlahBlahBlahRec

Fabric 99: Sasha is released June 22nd 2018 [4xLP, CD & Digital]

Fabric 99: Sasha Tracklist

01. Agnes Obel – Stretch Your Eyes (Ambient Acapella) / Agnes Obel – StretchYour Eyes (QuietVillage Remix)
02. Marbert Rocel – I Wanna (Heitzberg Theorem Club Edit)
03. Kora (CA) – Ovo
04.Tom Flynn – Cup Of Joe
05. Indigo – Sunrise / CLOSE feat. Joe Dukie – My Way
06. DJ Hell – Guede (Joyce Muniz Terror + Natur Remix)
07. Ghosts On Tape – Nature’s Law (Jus-Ed Remix) 08.Whitesquare – Abraxas
09. Crowdpleaser – After Rhône 2013
10. Exercise One & Mathew Jonson – Lost Forever In A Happy Crowd
11. Sasha – Smoke Monk (fabric Mix)
12. Objekt – Needle & Thread
13. Jono Ma & Dreems – A Love Trance Mission From Nk To 7s 14. Efdemin – Acid Bells (DJ Koze Edit)
15. Javier Logares & Kaarel – La Cuarta Galaxia (Tiefschwarz Remix) / George Fitzgerald – Echo Forgets (Sasha’s Moog-apella) 16. Carl Craig – At Les (Feat. Francesco Tristano, Les Siècles & François-Xavier Roth) (Antigone Remix)
17. BAILE – Amae feat. Felicia Douglass (Sasha fabric1999 Mix)

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