Move over Royal Blood, the original shouty punk rock duo are back. Following their comeback in 2014 with the LP ‘Physical World’ it would appear that the Toronto based Canadians are ready to do battle once again. No ten year hibernation this time, with Death From Above 1979 – Freeze Me due to drop this Friday.

Death From Above 1979 - Freeze Me [ Punk Rock ]

For those who know Death From Above will agree there’s not a great deal more that needs to be said, other than we should all collectively set our alarms and dig out the ear plugs for this Friday. However for the uninitiated then our earlier Royal Blood inference is a good a place to start as any.

Like Royal Blood, DFA 1979 is a bass and drums duo that for want of a better description thrashes loudly and frenetically. No quarter is given, you either get on board or get run over. We remember a friend of ours getting a friendly punch in the face at one of their gigs. Thunderous drums and growling bass underpin earnest vocals, vocals that are surprisingly melodic for a band of this type. Take our favourite DFA 1979 tune ‘Train Wreck’ as a case in point.

So if you know and like Royal Blood, then get onboard. That said if your not particularly a Royal Blood fan, which we aren’t either, then ignore this comparison and simply check out a group that simply deserve you attention regardless of comparisons and lack of Zane Lowe endorsements.

Death From Above 1979 – Freeze Me [Teaser]

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