Lost In Translation is one of those movies that tends to divide opinion, you will find as many haters as lovers when it comes to Bill Murray’s portrayal of a middle aged man grappling with lost youth, marriage and the elusive greener grass. Interestingly Addison Groove who some of you will know as Headhunter elected to title his own label LIT aka ‘Lost In Translation’, and considering the sterling reputation he built as Headhunter and the slightly underwhelming response he received for his debut LP as Addison Groove it seems an apt title for an artist who can both divide and conquer.


Sly One – Warm Red EP, marks the third release on ‘LIT’ and with a growing climate for smoother bass sounds that still manage to avoid Dusky levels of cleanliness Warm Red hits the spot with a well judged level of angular sleekness. If you have been following BBB in recent weeks you’ll have seen us preview Palemans upcoming Drone record, NYTA’s 95 and Special Requests forthcoming LP Soul Music, all of which hum in unison with this EP.

Sly One – Warm Red EP (Drops Sept 16th)