Not so long ago we were eulogising the virtues of Adam Marshall’s ‘New Kanada‘ imprint post discovering the records Diva – But Ive Never (Paris Stabbing EP) and the more recent Graze record – On Board taken from the self titled Graze EP. Since then Adam Marshall one half of Graze has released the understated tranquility that is Nevermore, 12 inch only, and now he is preparing his latest self penned ‘Night Train’ EP.


As with any New Kanada release Night Train swiftly guides us back to the almost indistinguishable trail of its forebears, peering through the gathering gloom Marshall dusts of the light covering of evening snow that threatens to mask the trail he’s been gently blazing for the last 10 years, in doing so he is able to once again leads us deep into a world devoid of chaos and warm in driven subtly. Heavy Metals is brash in contrast, almost as though that hidden tranquility has been suddenly uprooted and looted for its hidden resources.

Once again a quality release on the ever trustworthy New Kanada imprint.

Adam Marshall – Night Train EP (Released Oct 3rd 12″ & Digital)