2nd Drop Records birthed 2007, from the fabled London Venue ‘Plastic People’. Their opening two releases unwittingly pointed towards a new phase in club music, ‘Bass‘, with Ramadanman aka Pearson Sound and Rusko pushing those early buttons. Since then 2nd Drop has established itself as one of those labels that underground Promoters, DJs and Producers intrinsically revere and keep an eye on. 2nd Drop isnt the most prolific of labels, however its tidy release schedule continues to push new sounds and artists, most notably Tessela and South London Ordnance have emerged in recent times.


Future Foundations will mark the first in a series of 2nd Drop Compilations, all of which have the express purpose of documenting the labels multi faceted approach to underground electronic music, whilst also providing a platform for emerging new talent. As a whole this is nicely judged compilation that combines a healthy amount of innovative sounds without getting too lost in shoe gazing electronic beats. Our picks come from Alex Coulton, Last Magpie, South London Ordnance, and Youandewan.

Future Foundations drops March 4th on triple vinyl and digitally, you can stream the whole album via
Fact Magazine.

Foundation 1
A. Alex Coulton – Grande Swing
B. Youandewan – Faith

Foundation 2
C1. LV & Dan Bowskill – Livin Up
C2. Pedestrian – Sliding Down Rainbows
D. Last Magpie – Without You

Foundation 3
E. Djrum – Blue on Blue (Voodoo)
F1. South London Ordnance – Daphne
F2. Manni Dee & Deft – This One, The Art of the Possible