We came across the 2 Bit Thugs not long ago and thought their tracks were outstanding. Their sound is perfectly dubbed as “Gangster House”, which is a far better name than the rubbish ones floating around at the moment such as wonk and fidget house.

Raised on a diet of hip hop, breaks and turntablism the thugs bring a fresh attitude to house music. Their trademark ‘gangster house’ sound combines wobbling basslines, rudeboy rap vocals and pounding percussive beats.

The thugs are quickly gaining a reputation for their no holds barred DJ sets and their production output has pricked the ears of DJs, labels and promoters worldwide.

Since meeting in 2001 the thugs have rocked parties all over the UK and their tracks have been have been gaining them respect in all genres of music. With releases due out alongside names such as Twocker & Stupid Fresh and remixes of The Bulgarian, Vlad Sokolov and Zombie Disco Squad due out soon the 2 Bit Thugs and their distinctive ‘gangster house’ sound look set to blow up in 2008!

Check out their re-rub of the Run DMC vs Jason Nevin’s classic “It’s Like That”, to get a proper taste of what the 2 Bit Thugs are all about. Local to both Brighton and London, they have a long list of gigs lined up. If you wanna hear them behind the decks, check out their myspace for their upcoming dates. Also available on their myspace are some free 320 MP3 remixes of The Streets, Britney Spears and Thrillabeats which are all rather good.

[This Is No Longer Available To Download – Apologies]