The way dance music producers create music has changed vastly over the last 10-15 years. Once upon a time producing a record required an expensive array of sequencers, samplers, synthesizers, effects, EQ and compressors. These days however, the majority of electronic music we listen to is produced on computers using a DAW or more recently using applications (Apps) on your smart phone or iPad. The use of Apps for producing music is getting more and common by the day. Companies such as Native Instruments, Sony and Korg (to name a few) are bringing out Apps to help you on your way to creating a track on your hand held device, thus opening up the music production world to even more people. Multi award winning music school Point Blank Music have decided to delve into the App market, demonstrating over a series of videos what can be created using nothing but App based programs.

First in this series comes via Point Blank’s expert tutor Danny J Lewis who shows us how you can make an entire track by simply using IOS Apps and recording the results into Ableton Live.

The above video clearly demonstrates the increased flexibility available to electronic producers. It is getting to the point now where you will no longer need a desktop or laptop to be a producer. Today’s mobile App world is moving so rapidly that you can quite easily start and finish tracks using just an iPad. There is even talk about Apps being able to provide an audio and midi stream to each other in the near future. This is great news for DJ/Producers who are constantly on the move, as they will be able to craft tracks without having to lug around bulky laptops and midi controllers everywhere they go. Not only that, Apps are considerably cheaper than their VST or DAW counterparts, resulting in the ability to have more plug-ins for a fraction of the price.

For more in this series and a royalty free sample pack from ‘Prime Loops’ head over to the Point Blank Blog, and for information on their award winning online and college courses hit the following links: Point Blank Online & Point Blank Music Production College.