So what to do when your bassline is declared lame, and your synth line is rushed to the operating table? Well, there are two options, you can either take the easy road of hooking up with an experienced engineer and getting them to lay your ideas down, which has proved profitable for many a recognised name, or you can take the slightly more rewarding but longer scenic route and teach yourself.

Therefore to help those of you looking to produce your own tunes we have decided to launch a new section to our blog, Tech. Tech has been designed to identify and present articles, tutorials and products that we believe are invaluable to the budding electronic artist.

First up in honour of our 5th Birthday with Julio Bashmore, we have a little tutorial put together by the Point Blank Music Production guys who break down Julio Bashmore’s signature bass sound from last years club smash ‘Battle for Middle You’.

For those of you who dont know, ‘Point Blank’ is an award winning studio that offers a superb range of courses from weekend starter packs to 2 year sound engineering diplomas. Furthermore they have recently launched an online school, enabling students to study from home at their own conveniance. We recently completed the ‘Deep House’ course and were totally blown away about how much we learnt in 4 weeks. These courses are so good in fact that even the all conquering Claude VonStroke recently enrolled.