Point Blank Online Music Production School are back once again with another series of “In the Studio With…” featuring Liverpool based DJ/ Producer Mele. The 20 year old has had a very successful year, being tipped to be one of Time Out Magazines “DJ stars of 2012”, having plenty of air time on shows such as Annie Mac’s on Radio 1 and releases on Sinden’s Grizzly label, there is no doubt that Mele is a very promising prospect for UK dance music.

In this video Mele deconstructs his remix of Disclosure‘s “Tenderly”. He shows you how he chose to arrange it and also some of the mixing processes he used, great material for those of you using Logic.

What Mele demonstrates is how using a simplistic approach to music production can be very effective. Rather than using complicated VST Synthesizers and external software, Mele has chosen to use what Logic Pro 9 has to offer, using the in-built compressor, eq, fx and most surprisingly exs-24 multi sampled piano. Although this remix in the video isn’t exactly ground breaking it is still a good example of how less can result in more. Well worth a watch if you are a beginner to intermediate level producer who needs a point in the right direction to get ideas down quickly.

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