One of the most important aspects of producing music is essentially the mix down. This process is getting all your sounds to sit nicely together in the mix and making sure you fill out the frequency spectrum. This is something many new producers have trouble with, getting the right amount of width on your synths or percussion to give it that extra bite can really define your track being classed as amateur or professional. Fortunately for us with novice experience in this department, Danny J Lewis is once again to the rescue with yet another outstanding Point Blank Online Music Production School tutorial on how to create stereo width in Ableton Live.

In the video above, Danny has created a custom effects chain using Ableton Live’s rack to boost the frequency range of a particular sound resulting in it having more width. This chain can be used for the left and right signal paths and you can easily tweak the pitch, high & low cut and even a mono to stereo control to help deal with phase issues. If you don’t have time to build the effects rack yourself you can download the Ableton live rack for free via the Point Blank Blog.

Learn more techniques such as this via Point Blanks Ableton Sound Design course, an 8 week module that involves the creation of many bespoke effect and instrument racks.