Often as electronic producers we find ourselves bogged down in the science of it all, like a rabbit caught in the headlights the shear weight of what we dont know freezes our ability to freely express ourselves. Unfortunately much of what we hear today reinforces this rigid approach with its car production line mentality, track after track is built from the same plan, because we know that works, with the odd go faster strip here and there to give the illusion of creativity. The problem with this type of mass production rigidity is that eventually the ideas get stale and the process joyless. Really, without sounding too cheesy, music is about expression, feeling something in the sounds you are creating, letting your imagination run wild so that it can explore and create independent of the science. As humans we are obsessed with form and order, we try and control everything around us, mostly with concrete, but have you ever noticed it doesn’t work, the very fabric of our existence and the world we live in, the ocean for example, is wild at its core, and its this primeval part of us that Pointblank tap into with the following Matthew Dear production masterclass.

Matthew Dear Production Tutorial

In the following Point Blank Masterclass Matthew Dear talks us through his recent Leftfield remix and whilst engineering, mastering and arrangement (The Science) are touched upon the main principle that repeats itself is his use of free flowing live recording and manipulation of sounds to find what he was looking for, even if it takes him 4 days to find it; as was the case with this remix. In regards to science he also covers the following topics:

  • Bass & Kick Mix
  • Kick Layering
  • Effects – Compression, EQ, Effects Chains, Multiband Compression
  • Moog Voyager – Filter, Resonance, Cutoff
  • Brainworx – Maag EQ & BX Digital V2

Matthew Dear Production Masterclass [Pointblank]

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