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Jamie XX – Dance music is important to me… it just makes me happy

In 2015 Jamie XX conducted an interview with ‘The Fader’ where he stated “Dance music is important to me because it just makes me happy. There’s not that many things that make me happy”. This statement immediately struck a chord, no pun intended, and got me thinking about my own personal feelings towards music. Whilst internally philosophising this point it just so happened that twitter was having a collective melt down as many respected publications and commentators were shamelessly reporting that Kanye West had changed the name of his next LP from Swish to Wave, and in that moment, which prompted this discussion, it became very apparent that there are two distinct sides to music. Those that love music and those that love to sell music. Now dont get me wrong Im not some anti-capitalist purist raging against the machine, but on the one hand you’ve got artists like Jamie XX openly revealing their passion for music and on the other you’ve got Kanye West playing the press like an obedient lap dog with meaningless, shallow and evidently staged sound-bites for trending purposes.  Combined these two moments and the fact that Im currently reading 1984 by George Orwell have galvanized me to an even greater extent to ensure that the music covered on BBB is music that has made us happy, which might sound cheesy but if it doesn’t make you happy whats the point? Like Jamie, Blah Blah Blah was built on our passion for new and exciting music and whilst starting a twitter row with a fellow blogger or record label may get us more hits and advertising revenue it won’t have any lasting value, and with that in mind please see below our three picks to get your weekend off to a flying start…

The three tracks we think you need to be listening to this weekend and have all been on heavy rotation this week at BBB: Palms Trax – High Point EP (Dekmantel) // Typesun – Make It Right (DBA Dubs) and Four Tet – Mothers (Text). No intro’s needed just hit play via our 2016 (WIP) playlist and enjoy.

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