Fabric are celebrating 14 years in clubbing as of October 18th (Line Up & Tickets), and like any institution celebrating 14 years at the top of their game they’re not exactly entering their 15th year with a whimper. 3 days, 40 artists including the likes of Ricardo Villalobos, Craig Richards, Terry Francis, Oneman, Marcel Dettman, Shed, Skream, Cosmin TRG, Soul Clap to name a few, equals 38 hours of nonstop electronic goodness. To further inflame your already fevered brow we’ll be delving a litter deeper as we probe a few of these electronic luminaries on their specialist subject, FABRIC. First up ‘Clockwork‘…….

BBB – Can you remember your first introduction to Fabric, tell us a bit about it. Emotions going into it, records you played, any clangers, who else was playing, or was it as a clubber that stands out in your memories.

I graduated in London so I had the chance to attend Fabric well before playing there. Nonetheless, my first gig at Fabric was pretty scary. I’m actually pretty nervous all the times I play at Fabric. Having been wanting to play there for many years doesn’t help, so every time I play there I always try to set myself high standards, although I might not always succeed in my intent. I remember playing my first gig with: Le Loup, Marcel Dettmann, Norman Nodge, Cassy etc…

BBB – Why do you think it is that Fabric always tops the global club charts, what is it for clubbers and DJs alike that seems eternally irresistible?

The location itself is pretty awesome. Besides that, I’d say it’s the staff and there impeccable approach to what they do. They have a great sound system in every single room and the club fills up with amazing people. It’s pretty much the place to play for me.

BBB – They say music has the profound ability to conjure up vivid past memories, good or bad. Do you have any particular records that take you back to previous Fabric sets. We played Turnmills once and sadly the record I always remember is the one I ejected half way through playing…

I remember hearing ‘Gazebo’ by Fairmont for the first time in room 2 at Fabric. Not sure who was playing it but I remember I was loving it.

BBB – DJ riders oddly always seem to have some sort of edible, often fruit based option within them, do you know whats on yours and does Fabric always meet that need?

I don’t really have any particular requests on my rider. I don’t have fruit for sure. If I would want to have fruit I’d have it at dinner, I actually think it’s kind of cheeky to ask for fruit whilst playing. Some drinks, a good working sound system and DJ booth will do the job for me.

BBB – If you were to DJ or play live alongside anyone past or present, who would it be and why? If we could play guitar it would have to be Led Zeppelin for us…

Austin Peralta. Genius.

Thanks for your time

Jon E Cassell (Blah Blah Blah)