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Dubspot present: Untold (Hemlock / Hessle Audio) Interview + Workshop

The U.S equivalent to London’s Pointblank Music College, Dubspot, have began a series interviews with renown DJS and producers, discussing their journey, where they are now and the production techniques they used to get themselves there. Last month Dubspot interviewed the hugely respected ‘Hemlock Recordings’ founder Untold, who has also had releases on a number of other well respected labels, such as Hessle Audio and 50 Weapons.

What really fascinated us about this interview is the totally unique the way he begins his productions. Jack Dunning AKA Untold described the initial genesis of his tracks to often involve public transport and the humble pen and paper, with him drawing the arrangement, various risers and textures before even opening his preferred DAW. Another aspect was the dominance of Native Instruments, such as Massive, in his productions. Jack was even asked if he could finish an entire track using Massive alone, to which he confirmed that he had done it before. This interview has proved an inspiration to us with Untolds unique work flow encouraging us, like him, to break the mould with our productions, as apposed to imitating others, which goes someway to explaining why he is so highly regarded in his field. For the full interview, hit play below……

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