The 2 Bears are made up of one half Joe Goddard (Hot Chip) and one half Raf Rundell (Greco-Roman Soundsystem) and combined they make Indie-Electro House. We first came across them with their debut EP ‘Follow the Bears’ in 2010 and have since been hooked into their playful melodies and stomping beats.

Earlier this year their ‘Bear Hug’ track exploded into the public consciousness and with the latest single ‘Work’ having a similar affect we decided to pop down to their neck of the woods and ask a few questions about them and their imminent debut LP ‘Be Strong’ due for release 30th January on Southern Fried & DFA.

blah blah blah meets the 2 bears

BBB: We read that initially the idea was to form an act with Joseph Mount (of Metronomy) and call yourselves The 3 Bears. Is this true and are there any interesting collaboration’s we should be looking out for on the debut album?

The 2 Bears: It was the fevered dream of our friend Steven that Joe, Joe and I should start a band. Mount was busy on the english riviera so it was just me and Joe Goddard who got started. There aren’t any big name collabs on the record though lots of our friends gave us a helping hand. Joe’s neighbour Ollie played Marimbas on 2 tracks, my friend Dan played pedal steel on one. There’s some vocals from Alice Gold and Mara Carlyle.

BBB: The 4 EPs you’ve released to date encompass a range of genres not to mention the other projects you both work on. What would you say is driving the direction of your music and how has that influenced the recording of ‘Be Strong’

The 2 Bears: The album was inspired by so many things. London, clubs, our families and friends. musically it’s mostly house but there’s all kinds of other flavours in there too.

BBB: When writing a track what process do you go through?, do you lay down the drums first, start with a sample, send loops to each other……

The 2 Bears: It’s different every time. Sometimes we make a track and decide to write a song to go on top. Other times there’s a song that needs to be dressed up. Sometimes there’s a loop or a sample, sometimes it’s a beat or a title. It’s never the same twice.

……………and when recording are there any pieces of kit you would never enter the studio without?

The 2 Bears: A computer is pretty crucial.

BBB: We’re looking forward to the release of your debut album at the end of this month. How will it sound? Are you aiming it primarily at the dance floor?

The 2 Bears: It’s an album you can listen to at home or in the car or on your headphones. The dancefloor is where it started but there are other places represented on the album .

BBB: Do you like Picnics?

The 2 Bears: Of course.

BBB: Your remix packages have all had some really memorable moments, such as Midlands remix of Church. Do you pick your remixers based on who currently impresses you? Come to that who impresses you at the moment?

The 2 Bears: It’s a mixture of friends and people we like. Right now I’m into John Convex, Sepalcure, Objekt, Mosca, Robert Hood and Green Velvet, always Green Velvet.

BBB: Can we expect a remix package for the album?

The 2 Bears: Yes, there’s great mixes from St Etienne, K-Alexi, Simon Ratcliffe from Basement Jaxx, Brooks and loads more….

BBB: Do you prefer honey or marmalade on your toast in the morning?

The 2 Bears: Honey. Marmalade is for domesticated bears like that chump Paddington.

BBB: One of the Blah Blah Blah DJs is somewhat bear-like in appearance. Have you any need for a ‘backing bear’?

The 2 Bears: There’s always room for an extra dancing bear in the box.

BBB: Finally, when you’re not making irregular dance floor belters what do you like to pop on the turntable in those more quiet moments, we’re quite partial to a little Frank.

The 2 Bears: I like Kitty Wells the country singer or Baden Powell from Brazil.

Thanks to Raf & Joe for talking to us, to preview and pre-order their debut album hit the following link – Be Strong.