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Don’t Believe The Hype feat. Andre Lodemann

Not everything in life is about the hype…….’Dont Believe The Hype’ is a new column we are launching on Blah Blah Blah with the express aim of discussing those artists that perhaps dont get the recognition they fully deserve. There are many artists out there who often have equal if not superior music to their fellow peers, and yet for whatever reason they dont enjoy the same level of notoriety. This is not to say that all hyped artists dont deserve their fame, but rather that hype can often result in other talented musicians being overlooked. First up in Sam Cassman’s ‘Dont Believe The Hype’ series is Berlin’s André Lodemann.

Berlin’s André Lodemann is one of those producers whose music oozes class, and it’s expertly produced house music that’s his forte. During 18 years as a DJ and 12 as a producer Lodemann has managed to carve out his own unique take on the genre, creating a house music sound that’s teeming with blissed out melody – harmonically rich and full of beautiful textures. Guitars, flutes, bongos and soulful vocals are likely to feature but don’t let this fool you, Lodemann has eyes firmly set on the dance floor.

Managing to successfully blend acoustic instruments with harsher synths he weaves together the warm pumping bass lines of deep house with the mechanical stabby leads of Techno, creating a sound that is truly his own. It’s highly listenable outside the club too. ‘Your Choice’ released in 2011 through the Hamburg based imprint ‘Room With a View’, is your archetypal Lodemann track. It’s catchy bassline and highly rhythmic beat stomps along for nearly 8 minutes building up and up at every chance until a guitar enters and you can only smile. A solid opener for any summer time DJ set. His recently released ‘Fragments’ album came out last year on his own label ‘Best Works Records’ and it’s a kind of a ‘Greatest Hits’. Available on 2 disc CD and as a digital release it features 10 originals and 11 remixes all of which are more than worth your time. If you’ve ever heard anyone tell you that house is too repetative or mechanical and has no feel then you could do worse than point them in the direction of André Lodemann.

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