Not everything in life is about the hype…….’Dont Believe The Hype’ is a new column we recently launched on Blah Blah Blah with the express aim of discussing those artists that perhaps deserve a little more love and attention. Next up in our series is Sheffield based Beneath, who’s gruff underground beats have been rupturing soundsystems across the UK in recent times…..


Although born in Stoke, his current location Sheffield seems a more fitting location for Beneaths foreboding industrial beats. Whether or not he is directly influenced by Sheffield’s former Industrial power there is no denying that his music feels like it has been smelted and hammered into shape with grim determination, exuding a sense of urban decay and manufactured precision. This is not frivolous service industry fluff, but primary sector grit and functionality.

In a recent interview with DJ Mag Beneath summed up his music in one pithy statement “I don’t know what my approach is,” he admits. “Sub bass is important, so are drums. My general rule is just try not to be bait and sound like someone else, or follow any trends”, and on current form Beneath is certainly delving his own uniquely dark and often disturbing furrow. However descriptive metaphors aside, Beneaths music is generally underpinned by your humble house beat, which perhaps explains why his music is getting increasing exposure, the use of easily mixable beats enables a wider range of DJs to incorporate that often sought after underground feel into their sets, without the need to wrestle with BPM’s their generally not accustomed to.

Want some uniquely ominous and powerful beats, with a user friendly time signature, look no further than Sheffield’s Beneath.

Recommended Listening:
FACT Mix 328 – Beneath (Jan 2013)
Tectonic Plates Vol 4 – Flight (Out May 6th)
Alex Coulton – Too Much Talk (Beneath Remix)