So here it is, not Merry Christmas!, but our long awaited run down of the best music 2016; of the non-club persuasion. Everyone loves a cathartic list, whether it be ticking off the daily chores or collating your favourite songs, take our Greatest Remixes of all Time, or our Best Angry Songs In The World Ever that we posted earlier this year, as a case in point. Whatever the list, we humans can’t live without them, why?… who knows. Perhaps its because we like things to be succinctly packaged, or that we’re checking others endorse our fragile opinions! Whatever the reasons WE LOVE THEM. So here’s our third of the year – the Best Music 2016.

Best Music 2016 - Indie, Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop

[Photo by Chris Schooner]

No grandiose introductions or perplexing explanations for our chosen 40. It’s simply a list of our most heavily rotated singles of 2016. Focusing on the best rock, pop, hip-hop, alternative, punk and electronica we could find. You may agree with our selections, you may not, but whatever your opinion we’re confident in the quality of the music presented…

Best Music 2016 – Indie, Rock, Pop & Hip-Hop

40. Quilt – Roller
39. Ardyn – Over The River
38. Japanese Breakfast – The Woman That Loves You
37. Kaytranda – Lite Spots
36. Cass McCombs – Bum Bum Bum
35. Omni – Wire
34. Franz Ferdinand – Demagogue
33. Death Cab for Cutie – Million Dollar Loan
32. Ofelia K – Killing Me
31. Olafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm – 23:52 [Trance Frendz]
30. The Weekend feat Daft Punk – I Feel It Coming
29. Two Door Cinema Club – Bad Decisions
28. Jessy Lanza – It Means I Love You
27. Skream – You Know, Right?
26. Anderson .Paak – Am I Wrong
25. James Blake feat. Bon Iver – I Need A Forest Fire
24. Bonobo – Kerala
23. Chance The Rapper – Summer Friends
22. Kamaiyah – Im On
21. J-Zone – I’m Sick of Rap
20. DJ Shadow – The Sideshow (feat. Ernie Fresh)
19. Cymbals Eat Guitars – Have A Heart
18. Jimmy Eat World – You With Me
17. Junior Boys – Some People Are Crazy
16. Ledinsky – DonaldTrumpMakesMeWannaSmokeCrack
15. Atlas Wynd – Ive Had Enough
14. Purling Hiss – 3000 AD
13. Christine and the Qeens – Narcissus Is Back
12. The Range – Florida
11. Mark Pritchard – Sad Alron
10. Jordan Max – Hell
09. Leonard Cohen – You Want It Darker
08. Radiohead – Burn The Witch
07. Mark Pritchard feat. Thom Yorke – Beautiful People
06. Alicia Keys – In Common
05. The One After None – Slave to Perfection
04. Lushlife – Body Double
03. Beck – WOW
02. Bon Iver – 22 (Over Soon)
01. Christine and the Queens – Tilted

Best Music 2016 – YouTube

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