When the WiFi on your computer won’t connect, or you’ve been stuck on hold for hours and then abruptly cut off, or your boss is a total tool…the stress it can cause is so overwhelming, at times, that our minds lose all sense of perspective. So much so that if Conor McGregor were to push into the Post Office queue, a queue you’ve been patiently standing in for the last hour, you’re fairly confident you could take him down! Its in situations like these when you need – The Best Angry Songs In The World Ever…

Best Angry Songs In The World Ever

Such petty grievances tend to hound us on a daily basis, with a late train, 10% battery warning or a screaming baby threatening to ruin what should have been a perfectly acceptable day. To deal with such pressing Western World issues some of us turn to a glass or 2 of wine after work, obsessive exercising, or just a good old fashioned British moan. But there is one further option, other than, getting a grip and realising you dont live in a war torn country, although, lets be honest we should probably just get a grip. The option we are of course talking about is PLAYING LOUD ANGRY MUSIC…

It is widely accepted that music has primordial connection with human beings. It has been used to document history, tell stories, express love, celebrate, commiserate, and if you’re Aqua, reveal to the world that ‘Life in plastic, is fantastic’. Often in all these scenarios when the music is played LOUD, it greatly enhances our emotional response to it, no more so than when that emotion is anger or frustration.

So here are 14 songs we play at stupid volumes when taking on Conor McGregor is just not an option… What are yours?

Best Angry Songs In The World Ever – Spotify Playlist


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