Got sent this one a few days ago on promo, however the combination of a family crisis and a 5am flight to Vietnam to prepare for meant I was unable to post before leaving. However despite being on holiday my compulsive BBB disorder means that I am typing this piece in the dark at midnight whilst the better half sleeps and is non the wiser. Anyway thats enough pre-amble, ZZT latest offering is another electro banger that compliments their already strong back catalogue (Lower States of Consciousness, The Worm, and ZZafrika). The single boasts an original mix which is our personal pick and three remixes by Proxy, Jan Driver, and Perc. Of the remixes Perc is the strongest giving the track an even noisier twist.

Vulcan alarm is released September 5th and precedes their soon be finished debut album, ‘Partys Over Earth’.

Sorry no extra links, but I am on holiday after all…..