Youandewan – Thyme Capsules EP

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Youandewan – Thyme Capsules EP – Soundcloud

Youandewan – Thyme Capsules EP follows up last years super limited and highly sought after release ‘Cola Beach / Dolphin Splash Keyboards‘. Only 150 of that EP were pressed and potentially this record could be similarly as limited and sought after.

Picking up where the previous record left off, Youandewan wastes no time in exploring yet further into the melodic catacombs of 90s progressive house and rave. Yet despite his melodic transparency, and linear 4 to the floor beats, you never feel as though you are listening to an overly polished and contrived pastiche. Thyme Capsules whilst immediately accessible also has enough nuance and individuality that you won’t be caught thinking – oh not this idea again!. Quality stuff.

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Youandewan - Thyme Capsules EP