VNSSA – Cuz of the Beat – Electro House

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VNSSA – Cuz of the Beat – Electro House

VNSSA – Cuz of the Beat. Electro House making a comeback? No idea but this slams and would have slammed in 07 also. Sort of record that Boys Noize, Digitalism, SMD, Erol, Soulwax, D.I.M, Tiga et al would have been all over.

Todays Beat is something a little more spiky than recent posts. As much as we love deep house, thoughtful music with soul and depth we also LOVE straight up main room jams. VNSSA is not an artist we know well and we cant say how we found this beat, but it’s riotous, stomping and perfect for those peak time crank it moments. Moments that may not be that far away now.

Bring it on…

VNSSA – Cuz of the Beat – Spotify

[Note] The Spotify version is an odd 3 minute edit. The extended mix is 4.54 and has a proper intro.

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