Varoshi Fame – Voice Of Command [Chekov re-edit] Dekmantel

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June 13th

by | Jun 13, 2018 | Electronic Music, Tracks

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“Dekmantel undoubtedly sets the bar for successful underground electronic record label. And their Selectors series is one of the many feathers in their, by now, very feathery cap. As with the previous 4 entries, there is gold to be found. In this instance it’s Varoshi Fame – Voice Of Command [Chekov re-edit]”…

Varoshi Fame – Voice Of Command [Chekov re-edit] Dekmantel

The Dekmantel Selectors series has reached its 5th instalment with Lena Willikens, on this occasion, digging into her elaborate and bewildering record collection. A hallmark of a series that is more entrepreneurial in mindset than it is 9 to 5. Nothing here is conventional or playing by the rules. Yet despite its subversive approach to electronic music, it still manages to get its head up and consider the dancefloor. Take this cheeky little re-edit of a relatively unknown 80’s band. Varoshi Fame – Voice Of Command [Chekov re-edit].

Opening with what appears to be a live, stomp-esque, drum solo ‘Voice Of Command’ immediately grabs your attention with its industrial intensity. Metallic lo-fi stabs, stomping kick, punk vocals and modern day synth flourishes take Varoshi Fame from the 80’s and thrust them into a 21st century techno nightclub. We say techno because of its industrial leanings. But in reality this is something of its own design. A record that will turn heads, move feet and offend your neighbours.

Thanks to Resident Advisor’s excellent monthly ‘Best Music’ round up for this find.

Varoshi Fame – Voice Of Command [Chekov re-edit] Dekmantel