Upwellings ‘Soft Shadows’ – glisteningly dark murmurings

Electronic Music, Tracks

July 2nd

by | Jul 2, 2018 | Electronic Music, Tracks

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“The lights dim, the shadows lengthen, a cool breeze ushers in the night and the murmur of anticipation builds. You need a record to get things going – Upwellings ‘Soft Shadows’ is potentially that record [Hit link to preview]”

Upwellings ‘Soft Shadows’ – Dimensions Recordings

Today has been a frustrating day of noise, distraction and missed targets. Thankfully as the day has drawn to a close I stumbled across – Upwellings ‘Soft Shadows’.

Headphones on, volume up, world blotted out.

I’d say more but my brain is struggling to articulate my thoughts into meaningful words!

Available Now – Vinyl & Digital [Juno]

Upwellings – Soft Shadows [Dimensions Recordings]