Ever had one of those moments when your carefully considered rationality looses all perspective and before you know it your careering out of control, like a novice on a black run, toward what is almost certain disaster. Vinyl enthusiasts will know what Im talking about, its that moment when your desire to own a particular record grips you with such feverish intensity that in your heightened almost hysterical state you loose all sense of perspective…£80 for one track, totally justifiable.


We had such a moment today whilst browsing Bicep’s ‘FeelMyBicep‘ blog, an established and reliable source of obscure hard to find vinyl rarities. In fact its so well established that we think it might now need its own health warning ‘Warning – Parental Advisory Explicitly Expensive Content, may cause overspending, dietary issues, relationship breakdown’. Therefore with that in mind we suggest only clicking the following link if your credit card has been securely handed over to a responsible adult…

Unknown Artist ‎Uniile 1 EP ‘You Got The Funk’ [Buy Discogs £79]