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UMFANG – Riffs [1080p] | New Music

Here at BBB we endeavour as best we can to support as much upfront fresh music as we can, its a labour of love and we most certainly don’t select our posts based on potential ad revenue. However that does mean we rely on you the reader to retweet, like and credit the artists and music we find, if you don’t the artist is not getting the exposure they deserve and us the encouragement we need in order to keep putting in the hours digging. Don’t keep the music to yourself, keep sharing.

Right party political broadcast over, lets get stuck into our latest find, which is perhaps the least traditional club beat we have featured for sometime. Coming via the ever individual 1080p is UMFANG with her mind melding ‘Riffs’ EP.

Essentially Riffs is like the Ronseal of EP titles – ‘does exactly what it says on the tin’, with each cut representing a musical motif or riff as apposed to a fully formed composition. This is not to say that the EP feels rushed or unfinished, far from it, but its almost as though its creator is saying – ‘here’s some serious jams, now over to you Mr & Mrs DJ, lets see what you can do with them’.

Opener ‘Riffs’ has a Boards of Canada introspective type feel to it that pleasantly introduces the EP’s lead track, and standout moment ‘Force’. Sounding like ‘Pearson Sound‘ on form, Force is rule bending techno with minimal content and a cavernous kick that together patiently prowl like a hungry lioness, before belatedly pouncing and ensnaring its prey – the dance floor. Unlike their predecessor ‘Ecstatic Layer’ and ‘Spaces on Spaces’ don’t hang about as their stacked kick drums and more traditional techno arrangement are instantly on the attack devouring anything within reach. Closer ‘Entranda’, like opener ‘Riffs’, is more of that eery Boards Of Canada type noodling, that when done well, as it is here, is every bit as engaging as its more brash EP relations.

A uniquely engaging and pumped record, that if well sequenced could have devastating impact in the clubs.

UMFANG – Force [1080p]

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