Whats happened to Bristol, all gone a bit quiet of late? Well not really, the Bristol hype may have quietened down a little but the City is still pushing new music at a tirelessly metronomic rate, and the latest artist to emerge is drummer / DJ – Typesun. Typesun first caught the ear with his gloriously grooving live infused ‘Last Home‘ on Futureboogie Recordings, the sort of record you could imagine Mr Scruff wiggin out to. His follow up ‘Heart Maths’ is similarly live sounding, however unlike ‘Last Home’ its not quite so immediate and perhaps lacks that instant floor appeal, that is until you hear the Peverelist remix.

Typesun - Heart Maths (Peverelist Remix)

Peverelist in perhaps his most accessible moment since ‘Dance Til The Police Come‘ dispenses with the originals haphazard arrangement and ties the tracks wandering atmospherics down with an incessantly pounding yet subtle 4×4 kick and bassline. At low volumes this track may seem to some unremarkable, but trust us when we say that this track has significant dancefloor energy and appeal. Highly recommended.

Typesun – Heart Maths (Peverelist Remix) Out Soon.

Typesun – Last Home (Out Now)