TRP – The Future [ Mork aka Lobster Theremin ]

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Our second recommendation this week is a little less flighty. Lobster Theremin are back with yet more pounding scratchy beats with; TRP – The Future. Don’t know what we’re talking about. Then check our 47th WeAreBlahBlahBlah EP [here], featuring TRP’s 2016 cracker ‘Pano’.

Like a bull in a china shop, TRP had little regard for his surroundings when he unleashed 2016’s Pano EP. A cacophony of heavy beats and scratchy synth work left no one in doubt that TRP doesn’t sit around sipping tea and eating scones. That said TRP’s music should not be confused with your average techno banger. There is a subtly and nuance that on occasion is more House Music than it is Techno. Take ‘Pano’ for example, where a thoughtful spoken word sample splits what is otherwise a pounding techno beast. TRP – The Future is no different as punishing technoid beats and rhythms meld seamlessly with House type chords and pads. Of the four tracks The Future & Raindrop Shape are skewed more heavily towards House whilst M7 and Highjacked prefer to emphasise their Techno roots. And its these more Techno powered numbers that we think will have you snapping up the vinyl, in particular M7.

Overall TRP – The Future is another really strong record, stronger than his recent Unknown to the Unknown release, not that that was a bad, and a very close second to last years Pano. To buy on vinyl for £10.99 is a little overpriced, but on this occasion we’ll have to let it slide.

Rating 3.8 / 5

TRP – The Future [ Mork aka Lobster Theremin ]

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TRP - The Future - Mork

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