TR – FREE Music Download – Primer ahead of his Hygge EP

April 1st

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TR – Free Music Download – Primer

Free Music Download TR

TR is the 10th artist to sign to Blah Blah Blah Records and his ‘Hygge’ EP is our 16th and perhaps most intriguing release to date.

His music is uniquely captivating with what appears to be an effortless blend of intricacy and immediacy. Where by his music is not just generic dance floor fodder whilst also not being so left of centre that you’re left wondering what to do with it. Like the Four Tet’s of this world his music can be enjoyed at most times of the day. Pump it up and it pounds you towards the dancefloor, turn it down and you can calmly peruse the 1000th Covid-19 meme you’ve just been sent. We truly believe he is one to watch…

For more music check his Spotify below:

Listen: TR – Y’All With Me [Out Now]

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